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If your looking to increase your dogs performance levels, build better muscle, improve endurance, or just over all health then the XDOG VEST is what your looking for.

1.) Isolated Weights w/NO Weights On Spine 2.) Parachute attachment To Develop Explosiveness & Speed 3.) Weight Drag Bag attachment To Develop Stronger Rear & Power 4.) Recoil Resistance Band To Develop Stronger Core & Stabilizer Muscle For Injury Prevention 5.) Weights Located On the Chest & Behind the Shoulder to Develop Upper Body 6.) Sand Bag Weights That Mold To the Dogs Body 7.) Double Hole Nylon Straps to ensure proper, secure fit during high performance exercises!.

XDogVest Coming Soon.

Take your dog's exercise to the next level with XDOG Weight Vest. Turn the average walk into a Savage walk. Coming soon.
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